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Full Name: Misty Lavine:Rank:initiate




Aspect: Demon Hunter of the Primal Fury

Personality: Happy, mostly calm but can be angry if disturbed enough. Habits: Biting fingers playing with tail in worgen form. Fears: Tall beings, Death ,Loss of friends, Going insane

History: "One day a young girl by the name of Misty was born she was a small but gentle human her curse not yet bestoed apon the youngling years passed she going through school and eventually highschool when one day a fear arose in her city gelinaise a feral worgen hored had been heard on the roofs screams echoed bullets whisted arrows flew death everywhere misty grabbed her bow charged out of her house finding her parrents dead on the doorstep with her mothers and fathers neck slit, she screamed and in anger proceeded too strike down every single worgan she saw she made her way too the lord of the city and they and the gaurd and survivers of the city batteld there way too freedom but at a heavy cost, as the last survivers that volenteared too save the man bulk misty one of them huddeld in the church screams echoed that day as the final gunshots went off.. towards the worgen anyway.. she later awoke in a cuffed state by wood she witnessing two lords stand above her talking one walking away as the other poored a elixer down her throat she woke later too find herself a worgen.. she proceeded too strech asking herself what happend and would get up walking toward the town hub she being gaven her stuff she putted it on and started asking questons. Then she would've been asked too go check out the cry of a scout she had gone too find a undead spy she would strike it down with a bow and bring news, hours passt of a deep minor battle on the shore and suddenly the ground gave way with a shattering CRASH!! as the sea overwelhmd the beachead swollwoing up troops of both sides, the town pulled back and eventually elven support arrived and they pushed the charge conqureing the hored of undead and a orc dropship, with the aid of the non feral worgens, How you may ask the feral worgens came..? well, here we go, She was going into the forest for a request only too find a elf female and right away after killing s py of the udnead for the female she was told of the safe haven for them, after a few hours passing of her doing there bidding (Without being forced of corse) she aidded the worgan and she being lucky was gaven the ability too turn human at her will, She was evacuted with the rest of the survivers and taken too the elven city dalaranus and she joined her guild that she is in now.. the story begins fully, Now.