Hey everyone!

Syriac here, letting you know its a real honor to be leading Halidom! If you have any questions or just want to talk, let me know ^-^ and I hope to see you all Role Playing with us ^-^


This is your fearless grinning leader Syriac xD

Actually meh na,e is Dillon xD so there you go. and im making this to saaaaay. xD That WoW is being a douche bag xD yupp. I know right. I had to reset my computer because my norton decided to take a day off and give my laptop a virus. No biggy. Reinstalled WoW and got all my addons.......

LOW AND BEHOLD when I download curse client i can no longer get WoW to load more than a few bars xD sooooooooooo I will hopefully rectify this probelm soon xD

Other than that, Ima movin back home with my wife. *AKA RERA!!!!* so yeah, we will see how that happens xD

Love ya guys and hopefully I shall see you soon xD

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